For Heaven's Sake

Lyrical ballad first recorded by Claude Thornhill with Anthropology as the B side

Composed by Sherman Edwards, Donald Meyer, Elise Bretton
Year 1946
Length 32 bars
Time 4/4
Style Ballad
Common Key F


Chord chart for the jazz standard For Heaven's Sake


For heavens sake let's fall in love
It's no mistake to call it love
An angel's holding hands with me
How heavenly heaven can be

Here is romance for us to try
Here is a chance we can't deny
While heaven's giving us the break
Let's fall in love for heaven's sake

Don't say a word my darling
Don't break the spell like this
Just hold me tight; we're alone in the night
And heaven is here with a kiss

This pair of eyes can see a star
So paradise can't be so far
Since heaven's what we're dreaming of
For heavens sake, let's fall in love